I think that I am going to sell my boat next year in the spring and I know once I do it that I am going to regret it. Over the years, I have had way too much fun on it and I am afraid one of these days I am going to get in trouble. I have a great job and do not want to jeopardize my career.

It seems like every weekend all summer long I am out on the water with the Nottingham escorts drinking and having a blast in a popular bay. I have a nice sound system that plays music and it just carries across the water. We barbeque right on my boat and have never ending drinks.

A couple weekends ago a bunch of people got tickets from the coast guard for being a disorderly and I do not need that! I love to take it to the extreme and get wild but I have to make sure I stay OUT of trouble with these beautiful women.

I woke up in one of those moods today where literally everything irritates me. Every time someone even talks to me I instantly just want to walk away and leave them standing there. What doesn’t help is the fact that my husband has now asked me five times today if I wanna fuck. You would think after the third time he would have gotten the hint but apparently not. It was almost like he was begging, which there was no need for at all. I honestly thought that after years of marriage a husband would lose interest in their wife when it comes to sex. Unfortunately for me, my husband still tries to sleep with me every single day and I am getting super tired of it because I never have the energy! Maybe someday he will get the point I am trying to get across to him.

I was anxiously waiting to hear from my friend Angela. She had finally agreed to a first date with that dreamy looking hunk she’d connected with on a fuck buddy dating site.

That was last night. I had hoped to hear from her by now. Maybe she’s been carried off to some exotic island get-away, never to be heard from again!

Finally, Angela managed a few minutes alone and called me. “I think I’m in love!” were her first words. Breathless, barely able to talk as the hunk was apparently very close by, she gave me a few skimpy details about the night before. She was now getting ready for their second date. The hunk told her to pack an overnight bag and some sunscreen. She sounded absolutely ecstatic!

That night after work, sitting alone at my computer, I checked out the site for myself. Looking good!

There are lots of reason why I enjoy going to my local pub for a drink rather than staying at home and drinking on my own and one of them is because I love to eavesdrop on the many conversations that are going on around me.

Some of the topics of conversation can be quite shocking; others can be very sad and depressing. Last night I overheard a conversation between two young men who were talking in a lots of detail about what they get up to with their fuck buddies. They were very explicit about their exploits to say the least!

Last Friday night I overheard two elderly women who were reminiscing about their youth and laughing about some of the things they used to get up to…they were very funny.

Eavesdropping can be a great form of entertainment and it doesn’t cost a penny!

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