I went to the grocery store this morning after I dropped my daughter off at school. This is my daily routine so that I do not have to drag her through the store with me, she distracts me wanting everything that I always forget to grab what I need. I grab enough groceries for about 4-5 days at a time and always have my dinners planned out.

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Later that evening I had booked online ahead of time a luxury suite for the night. I was surprised that she ended up staying with me all night long. We had some drinks when we got back and the flirting began. She went into the bathroom to slip on something comfortable and crawled into bed. Neither one of us got much sleep that night and I will tell you that this girl has plenty of experience in the bed!

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The one thing I have always been good at is school. Ever since the first grade I have always maintained a B average and never any lower. After I graduated high school I went to college to get on the road to teaching. I figured since I loved school and learning so much that I could share my love for it with students. To pay for college I have been working numerous jobs here and there like fast food places, bars, Gateshead escorts and even nursing homes. It has been hard for me to get a student loan, so I have been taking it upon myself to do it all on my own. It is not at all easy, but if I keep doing what I am doing I can surely make it. I think anybody can do whatever they want as long as they put their mind to it, I have most definitely proved that.

I’m one of the wackiest people you will ever meet. Have you heard about those people who literally throw a dart at a map on the wall and wherever the dart hits that’s where they travel to next? Well, I’m not one of those people. At least I don’t do this crazy act on a regular basis. However, I did do it once last fall. The location: Manchester, England. I was pretty excited. If it had landed on Uganda, I probably wouldn’t have been as thrilled.

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