There’s a small coffee shop right across the street from the campus of the college I attend. Its never very busy due to the “we proudly serve Starbucks coffee” stand next to the bookstore, but the coffee is good and as a starving college student the seven minute walk is worth saving two dollars on a latte and avoiding the around the corner line filled with the half conscious caffeine deprived bodies of my peers.

Inexpensive coffee and short wait times aside, what keeps drawing me back to this little hole in the wall is their ever changing sandwich board advertisements draw by the owner’s daughter. This passed several months, they’ve been using this as a means of depicting this factious super hero trope called the sweet elite and their epic struggles against the evil league I.C.R.S (Instant Coffee Rules Supreme.) Free serialize comics have always been my weakness.

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The one thing I have always been good at is school. Ever since the first grade I have always maintained a B average and never any lower. After I graduated high school I went to college to get on the road to teaching. I figured since I loved school and learning so much that I could share my love for it with students. To pay for college I have been working numerous jobs here and there like fast food places, bars, Gateshead escorts and even nursing homes. It has been hard for me to get a student loan, so I have been taking it upon myself to do it all on my own. It is not at all easy, but if I keep doing what I am doing I can surely make it. I think anybody can do whatever they want as long as they put their mind to it, I have most definitely proved that.

I’m one of the wackiest people you will ever meet. Have you heard about those people who literally throw a dart at a map on the wall and wherever the dart hits that’s where they travel to next? Well, I’m not one of those people. At least I don’t do this crazy act on a regular basis. However, I did do it once last fall. The location: Manchester, England. I was pretty excited. If it had landed on Uganda, I probably wouldn’t have been as thrilled.

Once I arrived in Manchester, I searched for Manchester escort agency. What better way to see a new city than beside a gorgeous girl? The escort I got was a tall brunette with subtle blue eyes and slim curves. She was perfect. Her personality was even better than her looks, which was quite an accomplishment. She showed me the city and then we went back to the hotel lobby for drinks. It was a night I’ll never forget.

My youngest daughter who is now 24 years old, asked me to go out with her with Liverpool escort agency tonight. She just got divorced and is looking for ways to ease her pain and keep an open mind about what happened. I told her I would go as long as she behave in front of her mother and that she would limit her drinking. She has never asked me to go out with her before so this was shocking and very exciting to me. I’m not sure how the evening will go, but I know she needs comfort right now and I need to be there to give it to her. Divorce is a difficult thing and sometimes a mother can only give the comfort that one needs. Maybe after tonight I can convince her that there is more to life than a relationship and that there are so many doors open to her that she can open at any point in time.